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Memory-Map 6 - What has Changed?

Memory-Map 6 has been updated from Memory-Map V5 to improve performance and stability whilst adding some great new features such as CloudSync and AutoRouting

Cloud Sync enables you to transfer routes, marks and tracks to and from your mobile devices via the internet ‘cloud’ rather than having to email or connect your device. Currently CloudSync is available on Android devices including the Memory-Map TX3, TX4, and Defender 2 Android GPS devices. CloudSync will be added to the Memory-Map iPhone and iPad apps early in 2016.

AutoRouting lets you create a 'rough route' with as few as two waypoints - so just A to B - and then go online to optimise the route for driving, cycling or walking. This adds more waypoints to automatically create a route along main roads, minor roads or footpaths. Note that like most 'satnav' autorouting this works best for on-road use as the Internet footpath database is far from complete. We do find it great for driving directions though. Test it out and let us know what you think?

Memory-Map 6 will install alongside existing Memory-Map V5 using a new desktop icon. This means you can continue to use Memory-Map V5 if prefer as the new Ordnance Survey 2016 maps will work in either version.

A detailed list of changes for Memory-Map 6 is shown below:

Changes from Memory-Map V5 to Memory-Map 6

  • Improvements in QC3 download performance
  • Faster map display rendering and download
  • Automatic download of elevation data and search index files
  • Automatic installation of world basemaps into DMS folder on startup
  • Cloud Sync to share data with mobile devices
  • AutoRouting to optimise rough routes into multi-waypoint routes
  • Support higher screen pixel counts, up to 10,000 pixels wide
  • Improved GPX import compatibility
  • Fixed mark & position icons on hi-resolution displays
  • New waypoint icons, selectable colour
  • Added "Chunk Status" button in Map List
  • Fixed overlay Undo bug
  • "Undo" now works after importing overlays
  • Initial map window is maximized
  • Double-click on map in the DMS dialog to select and download
  • Added MGRS position format
  • Magnetic Variation automatically determined
  • DMS button now just downloads map header file (*.qct/*.qc3) and opens the map, it does not activate or download the on-screen map area. Use Map > Digital Map Shop > Activate visible map, or use the Route right-click menu to activate & download a custom area
  • Overlay "Send by Email" uses GPX instead of MMO
  • Save-as default is now GPX file format rather than MMO
  • Checkbox to show/hide old-edition maps in the DMS dialog
  • Added map package download for marine charts, etc.
  • DMS list status icons indicates whether the map needs activation
  • Map list: size includes QC3, and can exceed 4GB.
  • Added position format - UTM with latitude bands
  • Canadian Township & Range files downloaded separately.
  • Removed Windows Mobile device support
  • Classic Maps license required for old qct file format maps (old qct format maps are those supplied with a 16 digit alphanumeric serial number)