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How to access the OS 2016 mapping via the Digital Map Store

The OS 2016 (non HD) mapping can be purchased in either in the DVD or Download format, the main differences between these two formats are the following:
  • DVD: You receive a physical product with a serial number, this DVD then has the complete OS 2016 mapping loaded on it which can then be easily installed to your PC. Once installed on your PC you can then either transfer sections of the map, or the complete map to your mobile device (click here for iOS or here for Android), or download it directly from the Digital Map Shop (using the Mobile Device (iOS/Android) instructions below).
  • Download: The licences for the mapping are applied directly to you Memory-Map account, you then download sections of the complete map from the Digital Map Shop (please note that it is not possible to download the mapping in one go)

Both formats give you 5 licences which allows you to use the mapping on any 5 devices of your choosing.

If you have purchased the Download format then you will need to use the instructions below to access it on your PC/Mobile devices:

Windows PC

  1. Open Memory-Map 6 (if you don't have the software you can download it from here).
  2. Click Map > Map List… > Double-click on Europe Base Map (this is included with the Memory-Map 6 software).
  3. Using the map, scroll to Great Britain
  4. Click Map > Digital Map Store > Online Maps…
  5. Select the OS 250K Road Atlas map and click Continue…
  6. The Road Atlas will now download
  7. Scroll to the area of Great Britain you wish to download at either 25K or 50K scale (depending on the product you have purchased)
  8. Click Map > Digital Map Store > Online Maps…
  9. Place a tick in the Shown Old Editions box
  10. Select the map you have purchased and press Continue
  11. Memory-Map will bring up an activation box asking you to use one of your 5 licences, click Activate.
  12. Press Map > Digital Map Store > Activate Visible Map
  13. The area will now begin downloading and displaying as the relevant mapping.
  14. Press Map > Digital Map Store > Automatic Download and the mapping will continue to download as you use it

Mobile Device (iOS/Android)

  1. Open the Memory-Map app (if you don't have the app then instructions on how to download it can be found here for iOS and here for Android)
  2. Tap Settings > Map Licenses > Sign In
  3. Enter your Memory-Map username and password and tap Sign in
  4. Go back to the main map screen.
  5. Press Maps > Select a base map (such as the Road Atlas or Route Planner)
  6. Find a location that you want to download in the mapping scale you have purchased.
  7. Press Maps > Digital Map Store (on iOS) or Maps > More Maps > Digital Map Store (on Android)
  8. Press Map Types and set TOPO 2016 to on.
  9. Press Done/Back, this should take you back to the Digital Map Shop screen
  10. Tap on the name of the map you have purchased, if asked for activation then tap Activate
  11. The map will now begin to display and download onto your device

Optional: If you have a very fast internet connection and a large amount of storage space on the internal drive of your iOS/Android device you can download the whole map at once. To do this open the map as described above and then press Maps > i > Bulk Download > Download Whole Map