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How do I send maps to my iPhone/iPad?

If you have Memory-Map products on CD, DVD or USB then these can be sent to your iOS device following the instruction below.

Note: You must first download the Memory-Map app onto the device from iTunes, instructions on how to do this can be found in the article linked below:
Installing the Memory-Map iOS app

  1. Connect your iOS device to your PC and open iTunes.
  2. Click the device icon in the top toolbar
  3. Click File Sharing
  4. Select Memory-Map
  5. Click Add File…
  6. Navigate to where your map files are stored (default directory is C:\Maps_v5 or C:\Maps depending on your version of Memory-Map) and select the relevant .qct and .qc3 (if it exists) files of the map you wish to have on the device. *note - if you cannot see the .qct file extension, then the extension may be hidden by windows. The qct file you need will be the one with a Memory-Map logo*
  7. Click Open, iTunes will now copy the files over to the iOS device.
  8. Wait for the 'Copying Files to Device' window to disappear. and the file(s) have now been transferred.