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Classic Map Compatibility and Import 3rd Party Maps explained

As Memory-Map has evolved, so has the concept of licensing maps. Two issues that can be confusing are the classic map compatibility and import of 3rd party maps.

Classic Map Compatibility - Classic maps are unencrypted maps (usually older maps). If you purchased maps prior to the new registration system (when you created a user ID and password), they most certainly fall into this category. If your maps are shown in your license list (as a resource), they do not fall into this category. Activating the Classic Map Compatibility resource enables you to use these older maps on your devices.

Import 3rd Party Maps - This feature allows you to use self-scanned maps, GeoTIFFs and BSB charts which have been converted from another format to our QCT format. In most cases, if you calibrated a map yourself, then you have already purchased the license for your PC.

Both licences can be purchased directly through the Memory-Map app at £15 each per device.

Alternatively you can purchase the licences from the links below:
Buy the Import 3rd Party Maps licence
Buy the Classic Maps Compatibility licence