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Memory-Map 6 Free Trial

The Memory-Map trial software downloaded from this website gives you demo access to many of features and mapping we offer.

New to Memory-Map?
Firstly you will need to install the Memory-Map software following the instructions in this article. Once you have done that please follow the instructions in both sections below to use the Memory-Map software and mapping for the first time.

Already have Memory-Map?
If you didn't use the web installer because you already had Memory-Map software installed on your PC then the latest OS mapping can be obtained by simply clicking Map > Digital Map Store > Online Maps... then follow the 'Activate the demos for mapping and advanced features' section below.

Open Memory-Map 6

  1. On your Desktop, double-click the shortcut named Memory-Map
  2. A Refresh Map List window will appear - this details where you have the map files currently stored on your PC (if you used all the default settings in the installer then the only path in the white box will be C:\Maps).
  3. Ensure that the 'Search sub-folders' option is ticked and click OK
  4. A Map List window will now appear with numerous maps listed.

Activate the demos for mapping and advanced features

To activate the demos for the mapping you need to do the following:

  1. Double-click on the Europe Basemap
  2. Scroll to Great Britain
  3. Press Map > Digital Map Store > Online Maps
  4. Select OS 250K GB Route Planner 2016 and press Continue
  5. Scroll to the area of Great Britain that you wish to demo
  6. Press Map > Digital Map Store > Online Maps
  7. Select the OS map that you wish to demo and press Continue
  8. A License Management Screen will appear, click Activate...
  9. Memory-Map will now ask you to sign into your Memory-Map account:
    • New Users: Click the Create Account button and fill out the form to setup a new account.
    • Existing Users: Enter your Memory-Map username and password.
  10. An Activation window will now appear advising you what you are activating and if you have licences/activations for it.
  11. Click Activate Demo
  12. The mapping will now begin to download and display on the screen.

There is a 10 day demo period for the Ordnance Survey mapping. Once the demo period has expired the Activation window will reappear giving you the option to Buy or Register a Serial Number for the mapping.

If you try to use any of the advanced features in the software such GPS, Printing, 3rd Party Maps, etc. then you will be prompted to activate them. All advanced features will also give you the option to Activate Demo.

You can always check the status of your demo activations by clicking Help > License Management