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Standard defintion vs High definition maps

In 2014 we introduced the high definition (HD) map products alongside the usual standard definition (SD) products. One question that often gets asked is "what are the differences between high definition and standard definition products?" The answer to this question can be found below.

In summary the high definition products offer the following:

  • Higher resolution (660dpi) which gives improved print quality equalling original paper maps.
  • Allows printing to A3 paper.
  • Extra magnification/zoom levels in the Memory-Map software.
  • More vivid colours.

The below pictures demonstrate some of the points above (click on the pictures to enlarge them):

OS Explorer (1:25k) Mapping

OS Landranger (1:50k) Mapping

Note: As the HD products contain much more detail than the SD products they are also much larger in file size (see HERE). If you are looking to store large areas of mapping on a mobile device with limited storage capacity then we recommend that you purchase the standard definition products.