Search & Rescue


For teams or organisations affiliated to one of the recognised national bodies the new discounted Memory-Map Ordnance Survey SAR / MRT licencing is explained below.

Map data is also supplied as a single seamless map covering all of Great Britain optimised and calibrated for use within Memory-Map software on PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android or Adventurer GPS and features:

  • The latest annual Ordnance Survey map data
  • Multi user device licences (any platform)
  • No area restriction – access to complete seamless GB mapping for OS 1:50k Landranger, OS 1:25k Explorer and optionally OS 1:10k StreetView
  • Maps can be stored on network server or individual PCs
  • Software and maps can be used on any devices owned by the SAR / MRT including eg PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android, Adventurer GPS
  • Per annum licence includes mapping and software updates


Product options:

National Coverage - GB coverage supplied on USB Flashdisk - includes 5 licence pack (any platform).

Map area included:

  • 1:50,000 Landranger = GB coverage for 5 devices (requires approx 2.5gb)
  • 1:25,000 Explorer = GB coverage for 5 devices (requires approx 8.5gb)
  • 1:10,000 StreetView = GB coverage for 5 devices (requires approx 10.0gb)

Additional licences: Per 5 licence pack (any platform) per annum.

Per annum licence includes enhanced technical support, annual map updates and software updates.

‘Any platform’ means that a device licence is required to install Memory-Map software on any supported device eg PC, iPhone, iPad, Adventurer GPS, Android or removable memory SD cards.

Discounted prices for Memory-Map GPS units:

SAR organisations also qualify for discounted prices on Memory-Map Adventurer GPS and Memory-Map Android GPS.

Who can apply for a Memory-Map OS2014 SAR-MRT Licence?

If your organisation is affiliated to of one of the recognised national bodies then you will be eligible for an SAR-MRT licence.

These national bodies include:

  • Association of Lowland Search and Rescue
  • British Cave Rescue Council
  • Mountain Rescue Committee of Scotland
  • Mountain Rescue England and Wales.

If you are not affiliated to one of these bodies but are still involved in SAR then you may still be able to benefit from the discounted Memory-Map SAR licence terms if you join the Ordnance Survey Public Sector Mapping Agreement or One Scotland Mapping Agreement.

For further information and pricing or to apply for a SAR Licence please Contact Us