Memory-Map Marine Charts

Memory-Map Marine Charts are derived from data obtained from the UK Hydrographic Office (or referred to as Admiralty Charts) so look exactly the same, and contain the same detail, as the paper charts you use on-board. Complete with intuitive and easy to use software and over 850 charts covering the complete coastine of UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands plus 5 licences* for your PC, Adventurer GPS, iPhone, iPad or Android device.


Simple tools let you create and manage routes and waypoints. Check leg distance, bearing and total passage length


Print unlimited charts with your own notes, routes and waypoints. Try our Toughprint® waterproof paper


Copy charts to your mobile and tablet. Send routes and waypoints to your GPS


Use your mobile, tablet or connect a GPS to your laptop, for a full colour chartplotter with moving charts and DigitalGPS™ data displays


Monitor your tracklog, or send from a mobile or GPS to see your progress, speed, course and distance covered. Share online at

Available on disk or to download direct to your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Click here for more information.

* Maximum of 2 PCs. Mobile apps available separately from Apple AppStore or Google Play.