IGN Topographical Maps of France

IGN is the French mapping agency; the equivalent of the UK's Ordnance Survey and is reputed for providing detailed high quality maps.

IGN Top 100 - Topographical maps of France at 1:100,000 scale

Ideal for exploring the French countryside by car, on a bike or even on foot, the Top 100 1:100,000 scale maps show more detail than road maps and have a topographic base with contours enhanced by relief shading. Used with Memory-Map's 3D World you can easily view the terrain to help you plan your journey. Available as a complete map of France or choose just the areas you need using Digital Map Shop.

IGN Top 25 - Topographical maps of France at 1:25,000 scale

In the summer, these maps are perfect for walking, mountain biking or off-road driving. In the winter, check out the popular ski and snowboard areas. Using the fascinating 3D World tool, you can impress your friends and family recording 3D Flythrough movies of your favourite routes and tracks. When using a GPS, see how quickly you climbed or descended down the mountain by importing your GPS tracklog. 

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