Memory-Map Aviation Charts

mmMemory-Map Aviation Charts from NATS are the CAA VFR charts and look exactly the same and contain the same detail as the paper charts that pilots use in flight. They come complete with intuitive and easy to use software for pre-flight planning or on-board use with real time full colour chart display with GPS positioning. Each chart includes two licences for your PC, Adventurer GPS, iPhone, iPad or Android device.

A team of specialist cartographers have the job to ensure the UK’s aeronautical charts stay up-to-date and accurate. These charts contain the critical safety information that pilots have to rely on every day when flying in and out of UK airports. They cover a huge range of information including angles of approach and correct air traffic radio frequencies, through to the location of potential obstacles like wind turbines or possible local glider club activity.

These Visual Flight Rules charts have underlying Ordnance Survey mapping and are very detailed.

Everything a pilot might wish to know, from colour coded airspace classifications and military danger zones through to the location of power lines and airfields large and small is included. The chart specification is set by the CAA based on the ICAO international standards, but overall the cartographic team makes hundreds of updates to each new edition.

The most recent CAA chart update is the CAA 1:500k South Edition 42 and is available to download on PC, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet. Simply add the Memory-Map app and then copy or download your charts and routes. Remember, it’s a legal requirement for GB pilots to update and use current aviation charts.

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