Got a soggy map? Should have used Toughprint

mmtoon1At Memory-Map we provide the most up-to-date products in the modern mapping and GPS fields, including digital Ordnance Survey maps, marine and aviation charts, and GPS maps for Adventurer and Android.

Some people though are still quite happy to take their printed topographical maps out into the field. Apart from the traditional aesthetics associated with using a paper map, the benefits include the fact they never lose their power source or fail to work because of unreliable service. Paper maps are still an essential back-up when exploring out and about.

For those people that prefer using printed paper for their primary mapping though, experience has shown that maps get damaged out there, especially when the weather is bad. Out in the elements, battling the wind and rain, traditional maps tear at the creases and the paper gets soggy. Some people prefer to keep their traditional maps safe at home and to take copies into the field – expendable copies.

GPS technology has certainly had an impact in mapping, but so too has the technology behind printed mapping. Toughprint waterproof paper is a great example of how old and new can collide in the world of navigation.

Toughprint paper has a micro-porous surface, is suitable for use on colour and mono printers and copiers, and can be printed on both sides. Because the paper is waterproof it is ideal for printing maps for outdoor use as it resists crumples and tears and any collected moisture or dirt can be wiped clean off.

But its uses don’t end with just printing maps. Because it has the capability to hold vibrant colours and make crisp clear high definition photographic prints, Toughprint waterproof paper can also be used to print anything that needs to be outside; from outdoor menus of alfresco restaurants, directional signage for rallies or orienteering events, cataloguing plants and flowers in a garden, on site building engineers, supporters at team events, outdoor market signage and, I suppose, to street protesters.

So if the next time you’re out and about this winter, and you return home with a map in several pieces or just a soggy damp mulch in your pocket, think about investing in a ream of Toughprint waterproof paper before your next journey.