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Download High Resolution Aerial Photography - now 25% off!

Getmapping 5cm per pixel

Being able to see high resolution aerial photography is not only interesting and fun but also an extremely useful addition to your Memory-Map collection. As well as an image file in JPEG format, which is great to print and frame, you can also import the image into Memory-Map to turn it into our QuickChart (*.qct) format so it’s fully georeferenced and ready alongside your OS maps on your PC, tablet or smartphone. You can then use Memory-Map’s tools to add marks and notes to your image, or measure distances and areas.

Our standard wide area coverage, available for all of Great Britain on USB, is at 2 metres per pixel resolution - enough to generate realistic 3D and fly throughs or an indication of the terrain when planning a route.

The high resolution downloads are available up to an incredible 5cm per pixel providing far higher quality images for printing and more detailed measurements.

Search and download images now to save 25% 

Use the special search box below and you'll be taken to Getmapping's website to select and purchase your image - and you'll see a 25% saving when you checkout! Typically a high resolution image of your home is less than £20.00.

Enter a placename or full UK postcode to search for the area you need.





How to import your aerial photography into Memory-Map

When you've made your purchase and received your image you'll be able to view the JPEG with any normal picture viewer. Then to import it into Memory-Map please follow the steps here How to import Getmapping Aerial Photography