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iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch map splitting guide

To split a map that is larger than 2GB into sections in order to use it on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, please follow the instructions below:

  • Create a folder on your C: drive called iPhone/iPad Maps. To do this click on the Windows Start button and then My Computer (Computer if using Windows Vista or Windows 7). Double-click on your C: drive and then click File > New > Folder (or Organize > New Folder if using Windows Vista or Windows 7) and name the folder something you can recognise such as iPhone Maps .
  • In Memory-Map on the PC select the area you want to send by drawing an enclosed route,  then right-click on the route and select the menu option Operations > Enclosed Area > Send to Mobile Device.
  • In the Send Map to PDA window make sure ‘Storage Card on PC’ is selected and then click the button with … in it. In the Browse window that appears, click the + next to your C: drive and then find the folder you created in step 1. Click on the folder to select it and then click OK
  • Click OK and the map will be sent to that folder on your computer. This shouldn’t take long at all.
Once the transfer is complete, send the resulting .QCT file to the iPhone/iPad via iTunes as normal using the instructions here:

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21st of September, 2011

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