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What features does my iPhone / iPad need to work with Memory-Map - 3G, WiFi, GPS

In order to use the GPS real-time positioning and tracking feature in Memory-Map's iPhone / iPad Apps your iPhone / iPad needs to have a built-in GPS reciever. This comes as standard on the iPhone 3, 3G, 3GS, and 4 and on the iPad WiFi + 3G and iPad 2 WiFi + 3G (NOTE: WiFi only models of the iPad and iPad 2 do not have built in GPS, but can use WiFi in order to display the current position).

In order to use Digital Map Shop to download maps to your iPhone / iPad your device needs to have the WiFi feature as a minimum for connections to WiFi networks in your home on at compatible HotSpots. To be able to download maps away from a WiFi network you will need to have a 3G enabled device and a data tariff from your service provider. This may be a Pay As You Go tariff or a Pay Monthly tariff but may also come with maximum download restrictions or extra charges. You should check with your hardware and/or service provider to make sure you have these features and services on your device. For more information on hardware features, please visit

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22nd of August, 2011

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