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Loading maps to the Internal Storage on Android

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to write specific instructions for each Android device, and as such the best we can offer are more generic instructions which would cover the Android operating system as a whole.

As such some details within the instructions below may not match 100% of what the Android device shows, but will be close enough for you to work out the specifics.

  • Connect your Android device to the PC as normal and allow it to connect as a USB Storage device (how to do this will be detailed within the hardware manufacturers instructions)
  • Use Windows to explore the Android device and find the Download folder
  • Open the Download folder and find the Memory-Map folder
  • Open the Memory-Map folder
  • Use Windows to explore your C: drive or Local Disk C:
  • Find the Maps_V5 folder and open it
  • Find the map folder for the map(s) that you wish to transfer
  • Copy the .QCT (and .QC3 if applicable) to the Download/Memory-Map folder on the Android device
  • Disconnect the Android device (how to do this will be detailed within the hardware manufacturers instructions)
  • Run the Memory-Map app on the Android device
  • Press *MENU* > MAPS > MORE MAPS > ALL MAPS ON DEVICE > MAP TYPES and ensure that LAND is ticked
  • Press *BACK*
  • You will now see an entry titled the name and scale of the map(s) that were just copied
  • Tap the map that you wish to view
  • Press ACTIVATE and sign into your Memory-Map licence account if prompted
  • The map will now display

NOTE – the options above as denoted within asterisks are the Android buttons, they are not within the Memory-Map app itself.

NOTE 2 - .QC3 files are only applicable for licence managed map data such as the latest CAA charts, 2011 and 2012 Marine charts, some of the A-Z maps and OS 1:50K 2012 Complete.

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19th of November, 2012

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