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Explore the landscape of the past...

New to the Memory-Map range are four new and unique titles spanning 200 years of Ordnance Survey mapping. Calibrated and GPS referenced to create a single new seamless map they can be compared side-by-side with modern day Ordnance Survey maps. An incredible way to explore the landscape of the past.3D view

In association with Cassini Maps the new historical series lets you view historical maps on screen amd use Memory-Map's drawing and split-screen tools to compare roads, settlements and boundaries or attempt to find forgotten paths, rights of way or historic features. You can also create your own historical map prints or view the maps in 3D with Memory-Map's 3D World™.

Choose from 4 eras of mapping :

Historical Series

England & Wales 1800's

Using data from a survey of England & Wales between 1805 and 1874, these black & white maps were engraved by hand and show a largely rural landscape still reliant on horse and cart and drovers trails rather than roads.

...and now also available - Scotland 1800's

Released later than those of England & Wales, surveys of the high road and the low road were made between 1856 and 1887 and show the rapidly expanding urban centers of Glasgow and Edinburgh contrasting with the still wild highlands.

England & Wales 1900s

The Late Victorian age. Taken from surveys conducted between 1896 and 1904 this title marks the growth of the railway, with over 18,000 miles of track covering England & Wales.

England & Wales 1920s

The third in the series, the 1920s uses data from 1919 to 1926 and clearly shows the impact on the landscape of the age of the motor car. Roads cover the once rural landscape linking ever larger urban areas and colour is used for the first time to grade the suitability of roads for vehicles.

England & Wales 1940s

Post-war urbanisation and changing land use is clear in the final title in the series. Using surveys made between 1945 and 1948, although the railway is at its peak, it is easy to see that the road has taken priority and the major cities of England & Wales are larger than ever before.

What's in the box?

The Historical Series from Memory-Map uses our new Mapping On-Demand™ Digital Map Shop™, allowing you to choose your own unique area or areas of map, using a modern road atlas as a guide. Each title contains a licence to download up to 1,600sqkm from that era using Digital Map Shop.

Online Top-Up OR CD includes
  • Latest version of Memory-Map V5 software
  • 1:250,000 scale GB Road Map
  • Licence to download 1,600sqkm from chosen title
  • Licence to download FREE Aerial Photography (10m resolution)

How to Buy

1800s Historical Map Sample
1800s Rural England
Click to Enlarge

1900s Historical Map Example
1900s Developing Countryside
Click to Enlarge

1920s historical Map Example
1920s Urban Development
Click to Enlarge

1940s Historical Map Series
1940s Post-War England
Click to Enlarge

Option 1 : Buy through Digital Map Shop - make sure you have the latest version of Memory-Map and simply use the Map > Digital Map Shop > Online Maps menu in the software to select your map. Follow the on-screen instructions to download your new map directly to your PC. More Information on Digital Map Shop

Option 2 : Buy Historical Series Top-Up on CD - an ideal gift.
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